A downloadable game for Windows

You can find us on Twitter @theraisedbanner

Raise the Banner is an interactive experience where you will bring life back to a desolated world. You're embodying an ethereal character without a defined identity, which puts you in the face of the environment and world.

Developped with others projects during two and a half months by first year students from the ENJMIN, you can play with keyboards and mouse but this game is meant to be played with the Myo armbands.

The version you're going to play is still a work in progress and some bugs might happen along the way. The core features of the experience are mostly implemented but we still have some tuning and polishing to do.

The game can be played with a keyboard and mouse or of course, with the Myo armbands.


Here is a link to a document with more detailed instructions on how to setup and play the game.


Install instructions

To play Raise The Banner with Myos armbands, you'll first need to install Myo Connect from Thalmic Labs. https://www.myo.com/start

You will need to pair you Myos with your computer. We suggest using a custom profile.


RTB_build_up02.rar 400 MB


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i'm having problems when i downloaded the game it asked me to pick something to play it on and i butter fingered and i pressed vlc now when ever i press download it downloads vlc documents and it doesn't work

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Hey pals! Have you noticed that you're on itch.io's "featured" page? It's so cool seing a game from this year's Hits Playtime ending up like this!

Hello, if you downloaded a version of the game prior to now, you would have missed the great sounds from our super Sound Designer, Maxime. (Here's a secret, they're super great)